Insurance for Companies

We speak the same language as you. We’ll help you with the management of your insurance; we simplify the paperwork and take care of all the procedures involving companies, officialdom, experts and so on.

We’ll stand by your side, offering you advice when you take out a policy and resolving any situation that occurs while it remains in force; you’ll be able to rely on someone who knows you, helps you and devotes their time to you. With us you can be sure that everything will continue as usual, whatever happens.

Insurance for Individuals

We help you to sort out your insurance in order to protect what you love most, to preserve your assets and to maintain your personal and family security.

Talk to a professional advisor; he/she will help you to sort out your insurance without any additional cost. No more doing it yourself.

We all definitely need this comprehensive service, and we offer it to you at no additional cost.

Insurance for Foreigners

We’ll speak to you in German, Russian, English or French to insure what you own here.

We’ll also deal with and resolve any queries you may have about the insurance you need in Spain. Our job is to help you and seek out what’s best for you.

We’ll strive to help you at all times, to register your policies, to process accident reports and to claim damages… our goal is to be constantly by your side in your dealings with companies.

With regard to your home, we’ll cover third-party damages, including those to your private life.

Your car will be properly insured, with travel assistance and the right to claim for damages.

We’ll also insure your health; you’ll receive private medical care, both at home and abroad.

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