A team of professionals

Advisors who’ll explain how you can cover whatever you want and what you need with your insurance.

Ignasi Riera

Director of Mediassegur

I like helping you to make sure that your policies meet your needs. I select insurers in accordance with how they’re suited to you in terms of solvency, coverage and price. I review your contracts regularly and process your accident reports until you receive the corresponding compensation.


Marta Domenech

Companies / Individuals

20 years of professionalism at your side, ASSURING your insurance.

I tailor your policies EXCLUSIVELY to you, NOT YOU to your policies or insurers.


Rosa Aumedes

Individuals foreigners

I look for the best insurance company in the market and the best coverage to make sure that you feel that your assets and person are protected.

Particulares extranjeros


Alisa Chupina

Individuals foreigners

Your Russian personal assistant; she’ll help you with the world of insurance through her extensive knowledge and experience of the legal field and how things work in Spain.

Particulares extranjeros

RUS / ES / CA / EN 

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